CAPITOL REPRESENTATIVES is a project-oriented firm focused on working with the client to identify the project goals and objectives, develop appropriate strategies to meet project goals and objectives, and work with the client to implement the strategies to accomplish the identified goals and objectives. We work with our clients from the concept stage through the development of a project plan. We help implement the plan to achieve the goals and objectives the client identified. We become part of their team at home. We get to know them as well as their project. We help them help themselves.

We do not just give advice; we roll up our sleeves and work with you and your team to prepare your project, develop your strategy, and target your efforts.

There is no need to be in Washington or in Denver all the time now that telecommuting is a perfected technology. We work with the client and the projects wherever the work is needed.

We are not a traditional community and government relations firm. We often help our clients put together community-based processes in developing programs and plans. We have also assisted clients with planning and implementing events and seminars at the national level and locally. In addition, we have helped to plan and execute international trade missions to three countries, two in Africa and one in Asia, for a major city. Working with city staff, consultants, large national organizations and travel and trade professionals, we have managed the time and targeted the efforts of the principals involved.

We work in the background to make the clients successful and to advance their visibility - not our own.